What Toys Babies Need, According to a San Francisco Pediatrician

Toy Recommendations From A San Francisco Pediatrician

Dr. Julia Getzelman is often asked, “what toys do babies need?” According to Dr. Getzelman, pediatrician and founder of GetzWell Personalized Pediatrics in San Francisco, what babies most need in the first two years is attuned parenting, or attuned caregiving.

What is Attuned Parenting?

Attuned parenting involves being responsive to the baby’s emotions. For example, they benefit from mirroring for their facial expressions. They need you to talk to them and read to them. Music, for example, is a wonderful thing to share with babies and children. But babies don’t really need toys. Toddlers will enjoy discovering all the nooks and crannies of your home, and as far as stimulation and entertainment, a set of wooden spoons or measuring cups do just as well as toys.

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Dr Julia Getzelman

Dr. Julia Getzelman

Dr. Julia Getzelman is a pediatrician who founded a pediatrics practice in San Francisco. Dr. Getzelman and her team of providers consider all of the factors that contribute to a child’s health: nutrition, environment, stress, social connection and more.

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