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21st Century Adolescent Medicine for the Minds and Bodies of Teens and Tweens


As your child gets older, are you noticing that they are becoming more emotionally unpredictable? That they care more about their peers’ opinions than yours? That almost everything you do (or wear, or say) is “cringe”? Congratulations! You have a teenager!

The adolescent ride is a wild one. Kids grow and change fast, and all of that rapid change can manifest not only physically but emotionally and psychologically. For parents, it can be challenging to know whether their teen’s behavior is a normal response to the roller coaster of adolescence or if it’s time to get some professional help. If you’ve been asking yourself whether your teen is struggling with anxiety or depression, as opposed to typical teenage behavior, you’re not alone. 

Adolescent Medicine with the Right Kind of TeenCare!

Led by our very own Dr. Rachel Gilgoff, GetzWell is now offering GetzWell TeenCare – 21st Century Adolescent Medicine for the Minds & Bodies of Teens and Tweens. With decades of experience and research in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, Dr. Gilgoff will be a mentor for your teen and a trusted partner for you to help engage your preteens and teens in self-awareness and healthy lifestyle choices. Dr. Gilgoff believes in fostering compassionate dialogue with adolescent patients regarding a variety of social, psychological, and emotional challenges. 

Let GetzWell be your teenager’s resource by providing them with the tools they need for continued well-being. GetzWell TeenCare address challenges such as:

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About Dr. Rachel Gilgoff

Dr. Rachel Gilgoff completed her pediatric residency at the Adolescent Department at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland, in addition to integrative medicine fellowships at Stanford University and the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. From dealing with physical illnesses to understanding their mental and emotional states, Dr. Gilgoff has decades of research, training, and experience in pediatric and adolescent care, working with the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of teens and tweens in both clinical and personal settings. As a parent of two teens, Dr. Gilgoff has a wealth of first-hand experience guiding young adults in our current world. 

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