GetzWell Pediatrics Membership

Your path to personalized high-touch medical care. 

Remember the old school doctor who got to know your family? Who listened to parents and answered the phone in the middle of the night? We are that old fashioned doctor and we also have the most cutting edge tools.

To offer you the high touch and personalized service you and your family deserve, we had to free ourselves from the limitations of an in-network insurance based practice. Did you know that the national average visit time for an in-network pediatric appointment is 12 minutes? We knew we couldn’t live within those constraints. Instead, GetzWell appointments last 4-5 times the national average. To do that, we are operating under a membership model and as an out of network provider. This structure allows us to spend our time where it really counts: with you.

You can choose between our Basic membership, whereby you pay for the services when you use them and only pay a nominal membership fee or you can select the all inclusive Concierge option. The choice is yours – and either way, you will get the best pediatric care the Bay Area has to offer.

At GetzWell, we provide truly holistic care right here in San Francisco.
We strive to help prevent health problems before they start.

Interested in seeing if GetzWell is the right fit for your family?

Get started with a Meet & Greet. Visit our beautiful offices and speak with a provider to learn more about what makes GetzWell unique!

GetzWell Pediatric Care Membership

What People Are Sharing About Us

Aina Rubies Espinalt
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"Getzwell are the best pediatrics I ever had. Their service is very personal and holistic and they deeply care about your child. They are always on call and can give you appointments as soon as you need it, communication via email or message is also very convenient. I can always trust them with my child’s healthcare. Love them."
Jayme Weber
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"Just had our first visit since switching over from UCSF. The office is inviting and the staff are friendly. Our baby is pretty easy going but would get so stressed out the moment the doctors would enter the rooms and quickly begin poking and prodding. At Getzwell their approach is more relaxed, and they really take their time engaging with your children. My child, although a bit apprehensive at times, was way more at easy with the care we received from Alexa. I’m so grateful for learning about this practice. It’s exactly what our family needed and I look forward to the personalized care that’s to come."

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