At GetzWell we strive to deliver superlative care and to achieve this goal we adopted a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model so we can put our patients first. We have eliminated the red tape by which most traditional practices are restricted because, as a DPC practice, we do not accept insurance – we choose instead to work directly with our patients and charge an annual membership fee keeping our practice small and available to members 24/7. This DPC structure allows us to spend our time where it really counts: with you.

Our current annual fee for new members is $400 per child. Once your child reaches age 5 and has been a member for at least a year, the annual renewal fee for each child after their 5th birthday is discounted accordingly to the then current new member rate.

Benefits include:

  • Same day appointments and the choice of a virtual visit when safe and appropriate
  • House calls for newborns and routine care appointments scheduled in advance
  • Appointments lasting 3-4 times the national average with plenty of time for your questions and concerns
  • Direct access to our providers via email and GetzWell’s afterhours line
  • Options outside of typical prescription medication including herbs, immune supports, supplements and effective lifestyle interventions
  • True collaboration for important health care decisions
  • Administrative forms such as sports physical or school paperwork, Rx refills, etc. completed at no additional charge
  • 10% discount on all supplements, vitamins, probiotics, and other products we offer to keep your family healthy

** Annual membership fees are additional to charges for clinical care throughout the year. **

Not ready to become a member yet?

No problem, we are happy to see patients on a non-member basis. A non-member surcharge of $130 is assessed in addition to medical service charges and the member benefits listed above are not available.

Interested in seeing if GetzWell is the practice for you?

Start with a Meet & Greet which gives you an opportunity to see our beautiful offices and speak with a provider to learn more about what makes GetzWell unique!

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