When is the Best Time to Find a Pediatrician?

While most of us only think about choosing a pediatrician towards the end of pregnancy, there are many health benefits gained from working with the right pediatrician before pregnancy. 

San Francisco Pediatrician
Learn how Greening the Womb can impact your baby’s long term health and development. 

Prepare your Body for your Best Pregnancy

We recommend choosing your pediatrician before you get pregnant. GetzWell provides health counseling before and during pregnancy because whole kid care starts before your baby is born!

Nutrition, toxic exposures, your gut health and mental well-being affect your baby’s development. Even a few small changes can have a significant impact on your baby’s health.

Setting your body up for pregnancy doesn’t just contribute to a healthy pregnancy and delivery. What happens to your body during the 9 month gestation period determines health conditions that develop much later in a child’s life. Examples of health conditions that may arise out of epigenetic changes are allergies, anxiety, ADHD, eczema, obesity, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, etc.

About GetzWell

GetzWell is a holistic pediatrician practice located in two convenient San Francisco neighborhoods: Noe Valley and Cow Hollow. Founded in 2008, our practice is comprised of board certified pediatricians and expert pediatric nurse practitioners. 

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