Three Ways to Encourage Your Infant’s Speech Development

There’s nothing quite like the joy you feel when you hear your child speak her very first word, and there’s so much you can contribute to your child’s speech development. The San Francisco pediatricians at GetzWell Pediatrics are here to help you navigate the uncertainties of every aspect of your child’s health and growth, including how to nurture your child’s receptive and expressive speech.

Read, Repeat, Reinforce

Particularly with your first child, it’s tempting as a parent to send yourself into a tailspin researching all the newest methods to help your little one become all they can be in life. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, but there are often simple principles that can guide you to your desired end. With speech development, these three things will go a long way toward helping your child become a confident and clear speaker:

  • Regular Reading: chances are you’ve heard this before but the point can’t be overemphasized – reading to your child every day has been proven to have a profound impact on speech development. When reading, select age-appropriate material, speak in an expressive, clear and friendly tone, and face your child. Even before your child is able to fully comprehend your words, they will begin to associate the sounds they hear with the way they are formed on your lips, assisting with enunciation as they grow.
  • Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: just like learning to master any new skill, repetition is key as your child learns to speak. As you repeat words your child commits them to memory and properly associates them. Make sure new words you introduce are repeated and carefully pronounced so your child can fully grasp each and begin incorporating them into their speech.
  • Positive Reinforcement: who doesn’t like being praised for a job well done? As your child attempts to repeat words you say and eventually speak on their own, make sure you respond positively, both verbally and with your body language, as this will embolden your child to continue and help minimize fear of failure.

San Francisco Pediatric Care

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