Spread the Word: Say NO to Flame Retardants!

In a previous post, we alerted you to the many toxins found in baby products and nurseries. Of these toxins, flame retardants are one of the most pervasive. These are synthetic chemicals found in and on couches, mattresses, and many other products that parents use on a day-to-day basis, including car seats, changing pads, nursery gliders, nursing pillows, toys, etc.

What’s especially alarming is according to recent studies from Duke University flame retardants spread and accumulate in dust and in our bodies.

How are flame retardants hazardous to your child’s health?

Babies are particularly susceptible to flame resistant chemicals because of their frequent contact with them – from crawling on carpets to sitting in car seats to taste testing nearly every object within reach. Mothers can even pass toxins along to babies in utero and through breast milk.

In our post on chemical body burdens, we explained that overexposure to synthetic toxins like flame retardants, can weaken a child’s already vulnerable immune system, making them more susceptible to disease and infection. Studies from the Green Science Policy Institute reveal that flame retardants pose the following reproductive and child development risks:

– Longer time to conceive
– Altered thyroid hormones
– Lower birth weight
– Birth defects
– Impaired attention
– Cancer
– Poorer coordination
– Lowered IQ
– Hormone changes
– Decreased sperm quality
– Decreased testis size

(Click here for a list of specific flame retardants and their associated risks from Duke University).

Where to find toxin-free baby products.

The best way to safeguard your child and your home against flame retardants is to choose items made from organic and toxic-free materials. Luckily, there are manufacturers leading the charge in providing safe alternatives.  We put together a simple list of helpful guides and resources to help you narrow down the choices that are right for you.

Guides for choosing furniture, mattresses and cribs:

Sources for non-toxic baby products:

Being toxic free means Going Green.

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