Greening the Womb: Nutrition Counseling During Pregnancy

Dr nicole talking to expectant mom

At GetzWell Pediatrics, we know whole kid care begins before babies are born. Research clearly points to the important ways a pregnant woman’s diet and lifestyle influence her unborn child’s health – for a lifetime! We love helping moms-to-be achieve the highest level of health during pregnancy and this decreases the risk that her child will develop asthma, eczema, food allergies, autism, ADHD, autoimmune illness, etc.

Why Should I See You For Counseling During Pregnancy?

Myriad studies show that an expectant mother’s exposures via food, water, and the environment can affect her developing baby’s brain, immune and hormone systems and our recommendations during pregnancy derive from the cutting edge field of epigenetics integrating genomics, advanced nutritional testing, intestinal health markers, and toxin avoidance. We call this process “greening the womb” and it includes (but isn’t limited to):

Our goal is to create an individualized plan which positively influences your growing baby’s lifetime health. Your child’s physical health and neurological development are our main concerns and we want to help you give him/her the best possible start to a vital and long life.

Professional Ear Piercing Services

GetzWell Pediatrics offers professional ear piercing. What should I know about scheduling an appointment?

Ear piercing is available for both members and non-members of all ages. The patient need only have received at least one DTaP vaccine. Ears are pierced one at a time. There is a $165 charge for the appointment and single use, sterile 24K gold plated stud earrings are included. The $165 fee may not be submitted to insurance and is due at the time of making the appointment.

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