Introducing TeenCare: 21st Century Adolescent Medicine for the Minds and Bodies of Teens & Tweens

Do you remember back when you were first looking for a San Francisco pediatrician for your baby? Whether you took advantage of our newborn house call offering or you found your way to us later, you probably sensed we would support your child’s health in all the ways that are most important to you. Whether it’s our unrushed well child visits, 24/7 access to a provider, or our whole child, customized approach, families tell us that what we do at GetzWell contributes to healthier kids and greater peace of mind for new parents–and peace of mind can be scarce when your kids are little.

But what if your little one is not so little anymore? What if they are a tween or a teen? Adolescence is a time of profound physical, mental, and emotional change for kids–similar to  when they were toddlers, except now they have bigger bodies and different concerns. Families of adolescents still need support, but that support needs to look very different. Where you once worried about easing your toddler’s raging fever or earache, you might now be wondering what to do about your teen’s chronic headaches or erratic moods. And where do you go with those concerns if your teen feels like they are too old for the “baby-ish” pediatrician’s office?

Introducing GetzWell TeenCare 
Led by our very own Dr. Rachel Gilgoff,  the GetzWell offices in San Francisco are now offering GetzWell TeenCare – 21st Century Adolescent Medicine for the Minds & Bodies of Teens & Tweens. With decades of experience in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, which includes her pediatric residency with the Adolescent Department at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland, as well as integrative medicine fellowships at Stanford University and the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Gilgoff brings a multidisciplinary approach to the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of her patient care. As a parent of two teens, Dr. Gilgoff has first-hand experience guiding young adults in our current world. From dealing with physical illnesses to understanding their mental and emotional states, Dr. Gilgoff will be a mentor for your teen and a trusted partner for you as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of raising a teen in our current world.

What Is TeenCare?
TeenCare focuses on the unique needs of adolescents and allows them to build a direct relationship with their healthcare provider. When kids are young, parents are the ones who communicate most with the pediatrician. As kids get older, they become more capable of looking after their own physical and emotional well-being. They can start asking the doctor questions themselves. But that shift in the relationship with a doctor can feel awkward. Through TeenCare, Dr. Gilgoff eases this transition for teens and parents by bringing in a new (and hopefully soon to be) trusted adult into the adolescent’s corner who can help with not only physical ailments but also mental and emotional issues.

Is TeenCare Only for Teenagers?
Generally, TeenCare is for ages 12 and up. But it really depends on the individual. Please ask us if you think TeenCare would be a good fit for your child. (And of course it’s not “required”—all of our patients may see any of our providers.)

How Is TeenCare Different?
TeenCare provides an opportunity to build a relationship with a doctor who has a deep understanding of the adolescent mind, a real appreciation for teens, and a passion for helping her patients foster a mind-body connection that will serve them for their whole lives. Dr. Gilgoff appreciates her teen patients’ complexity of body and mind, their uniqueness, and she values being a trusted advisor.

Please contact GetzWell if you’re interested in TeenCare. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and would be happy to set up an appointment with Dr. Gilgoff.

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