If All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail. We Have More Tools!

Pediatric Functional Medicine In San Francisco

You can accomplish a lot with a hammer. You can hang pictures, build a garden box, and even separate those stubborn Legos that refuse to break apart through any other method. But what happens when you need to drive in a screw or turn a bolt? As useful as a hammer is, if you want to build something better, sooner or later you’re going to need more tools to finish the job.

So, how does this relate to pediatrics? In traditional pediatric practices, whether because of the limitations imposed by insurance, the sheer numbers of patients to see, or just a lack of additional training, doctors are often stuck in the illness-prescription construct of care. You have an infection? Take some antibiotics and have a nice day. San Francisco functional medicine pediatricians at GetzWell Pediatrics have founded their practice on the belief that true wellness comes from much more than just medication and have more tools with which to care for their patients.

What is functional medicine and why is it important?

As our understanding of the human body has expanded, so has our definition of medical care. We spend extra time with our patients, listening to their stories and examining interactions among genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors that influence long-term health. We then craft an individualized care plan from the many methods we have available, including:

  • The latest testing and diagnostic techniques
  • Nutrition science and food as medicine
  • Acupressure and herbs
  • Botanical medicines and supplements
  • Neuroscience based techniques for nurturing emotional intelligence and physical development

Functional medicine is a systems-based approach, supporting optimal, integrated body function. Rather that treating all the different parts of your child as if they aren’t connected, we consider her as a whole using our expanded toolset of wellness methods to forge a path toward the best health, now and always.

Tired of the single-pronged approach of traditional medicine? Get total care for your child from the San Francisco functional pediatricians at GetzWell Pediatrics. Call today to learn more. Church St / Union St: (415) 826-1701.

Want to know more?

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