How organic meats can save your child from superbugs!

More and more people are ‘going organic’ these days as studies continue to shed light on the benefits of organically grown produce and meats. We’ve previously touched on this topic with respect to exposing your baby to fresh fruits and vegetables from the get-go.

But, when it comes to incorporating meat into your child’s diet, just how important is it to go with the organic option? The answer to this question is far more serious than you might think.

Conventional farming methods dangerously choose quantity over quality.

Ongoing research reveals that the methods by which animals are bred, housed, and butchered impact the quality of the meat we consume.

Adding to issues of overcrowding and inhumane treatment, conventional farming methods include pumping livestock with antibiotics and medications not just to treat disease but to spur growth.  As a result, according to this Environmental Health News report on poultry farms, overdosing animals with antibiotics leads to the production antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a.k.a. superbugs, which are turning up in packaged meats sold in our grocery stores. Infections caused by new superbugs are dangerous and very difficult to treat because they are impervious to antibiotics.

A serious occurrence of contamination occurred three years ago when tests detected Clostridium difficile, a deadly intestinal germ found in hospitals, in over 40% of meat products in three national grocery chains. Needless to say, consumers of these products unwittingly put their lives at risk.

Also, a review of Jonathan Safran Foer’s book “Eating Animals” mentions an alarming drug industry statistic claiming, “People are prescribed about three million pounds of antibiotics a year. Livestock are fed nearly twenty-eight million pounds…” These alarming figures indicate that the threat of producing and spreading superbugs is sure to increase as conventional farming methods persist.

So, exactly why are organic meats the better option for your child?

In contrast to conventional farming practices, organic farmers produce healthier, non-antibiotic resistant meat by employing methods intended to prevent disease and reduce the need for antibiotics. Examples of these practices include allowing animals to graze and feed in their natural surroundings as well as providing them a balanced organic diet, and ensuring sanitary and humane living conditions, to put it simply.

By choosing organic meats, your baby will avoid exposure to harmful, factory-produced superbugs and the risk of antibiotic resistance. Just as what you eat impacts your child’s health, the same goes for the animals you feed them. The healthier the farming method, the healthier your child will be.

At GetzWell, we’re passionate supporters of going organic as an essential way to arm your child against disease. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of an organic diet you may reach us at 415.826.1701.

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