How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life

I just finished reading How Eating at Home Can Save Your Life and am moved to share this striking article by Mark Hyman, MD, a brilliant and forward-thinking functional medicine physician.  Most of you know that I have a passion for nutrition, gut health, and food as medicine, and many of you have chosen GetzWell in part because what is on your own and your child’s plate is very  important to you.  I advocate a whole foods, organic diet and encourage parents to offer a variety of colors and flavors in children’s diets as soon as babies begin to eat solid foods. Many of GetzWell’s kiddos shun juice, sweets and empty carbs preferring veggies and other whole foods, and they enjoy the fantastic health benefits that come from eating well.

For those who have been following GetzWell’s Facebook posts, you know we have been delving more deeply into how human health is inextricably linked to the health of our food supply and the sustainability of our planet.  As Dr. Hyman tells us, “The ecology of eating — the importance of what you put on your fork — has never been more critical to our survival as a nation or as a species.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Let’s harness the power of our forks and “vote” by purchasing local, sustainable and organic food whenever possible.  The “extraordinary thing is that we have the ability to move large corporations and create social change by our collective choices,” says Dr. Hyman.

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Julia Getzelman, MD

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