GetzWell’s Summertime Health and Safety Tips

School’s out and summer’s in! Time for fun vacations and outdoor adventures. But do go the extra mile to make sure that one of your summer trips isn’t to the emergency room. Keep your kids healthy and protected this season by following these simple safety tips:

1. Cover that precious skin.

May was melanoma awareness month, reminding us all of the serious consequences of excessive sun exposure. Shield your child from strong (ultraviolet) UV rays by dressing them in lightweight clothing and hats. Don’t forget to apply high SPF sunscreen on exposed areas like hands, feet and face. We recommend mineral- based, not chemical, blocks such as Dolphin Organics’s mineral sunscreen – no harsh chemicals! Also, pick up a handy brush-on zinc sunscreen we carry at GetzWell, Go!Screen.

2. Keep the fluids flowing.

Sunburns aside, increased exertion under the hot summer sun can also put your children at risk of excessive dehydration and heat exhaustion. These conditions are easily preventable by setting time limits for outside play, and by keeping your kids hydrated with lots of water and/or coconut water (which contains important electrolytes without a lot of sugar).

3. Stay healthy with organic goods.

Make organic fruits, vegetable and meats staples of your summertime cuisine. Sticking to healthy eating habits will help your family stay energetic during this active time of year. Try out fun organic recipes, like this all-natural Watermelon Lemonade and make sure when you barbeque, you maximize safe grilling methods.

4. Don’t forget your helmet.

Serious head injuries can occur even from the smallest of head bumps. This makes bike helmet safety very important. Be sure to strap a helmet on yourself and your child before embarking on a summertime bike ride. Check out this Mayo Clinic article to learn how to choose the right helmet and how avoid common helmet mistakes.

5. Splash with caution.

Be it at the beach or at the pool, keeping our children safe in or around water is critical. Keep a close eye on young children and consider swimming lessons which most kids love. You can never be too safe – here are some helpful water safety do’s and don’ts from

6. Watch out for those pesky bugs.

Children often react more to insect bites than adults. To help reduce the itch, try cool compresses, calamine lotion or homeopathy (Ledum Palustre and Apis Mellifica – check with us for dosing specifics). For bite prevention try essential oils like citronella, eucalyptus or cedar. Homeopathic Ledum Palustre also works as bite prophylaxis.

7. What’s the deal with heat rash?

Heat rash is caused by a reaction to one’s own sweat and can be quite itchy. Commonly affected areas are back, groin and armpits. There’s no need to treat, just keep skin cool and dress kids in light-weight, loose fitting clothing.

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If you have any questions about keeping your family safe and sound this summer, please give us a call at 415.826.1701. We’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you and your family a fun and healthy summer!

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