Why Are GetzWell Pediatrician Appointments So Long?

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Dr. Julia Getzelman, founder of GetzWell Personalized Pediatrics in San Francisco, answers the question: why are GetzWell appointments so long?

Her question back is, “Why are the visits at a typical pediatrician practice so short?!!”

The national average for a pediatrician visit is only 12 minutes and there is just no way you can accomplish everything that needs to get done in that time.

At GetzWell, we take a full hour at every wellness visit to answer all the parents’ questions. This extra time also allows the child to be comfortable. Our pediatricians take special care with shots (we use “Buzzy the Bee” and a shot blocker) and it makes for such a different experience overall. In fact, people walk into GetzWell and say, “It’s so peaceful in here. It’s just like a spa.”

If you’re a parent or caregiver in San Francisco and looking for a different kind of pediatrician for your child, learn more about the unique approach at GetzWell.

Dr Julia Getzelman

Dr. Julia Getzelman

Dr. Julia Getzelman is a pediatrician who founded a pediatrics practice in San Francisco. Dr. Getzelman and her team of providers consider all of the factors that contribute to a child’s health: nutrition, environment, stress, social connection and more.

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