GetzWell’s New Offering: from Stress to Wellness – StressWell!

Holistic Pediatrician In San Francisco
Portrait of GetzWell's newest San Francisco pediatrician, Dr. Rachel Gilgoff.
Dr. Gilgoff offers novel interventions and strategies which can balance an overactive stress response system

We’re so excited to announce our newest physician, Rachel Gilgoff, MD, who uses a cutting-edge approach to treating and managing stress in children. With her expertise, GetzWell Pediatrics are expanding our services to include From Stress to Wellness – StressWell! Dr. Gilgoff offers novel interventions and strategies which can balance an overactive stress response system. StressWell aims to uncover the root causes of your child’s stress and develop a comprehensive treatment plan for long-lasting wellness. 

As a parent, do you feel you lack the bandwidth to thoughtfully respond to the challenges and stressors facing your kids and family? Do you worry about the impact of extensive social media use on your child’s capacity to focus on school or their self-worth? Are you agonizing over how to protect your children from the risks of drug use that is so pervasive in kids as young as middle schoolers?

Is your child struggling? Is your family feeling stressed? Maybe you prefer to avoid medical treatments, especially pharmaceuticals, but don’t know where to turn.

You are not alone – and we can help!

The aftermath of COVID-19, social distancing and the violence and constant threats seen in the media are driving a wave of stress-related health conditions, especially in our children. The stress response is a biological process that impacts how we think, feel, act, eat, and even breathe. When this stress response is over-activated, it can have profound biological effects on our health. This can lead to increased risk for behavioral, mental and physical health conditions including:

Photo of a mom comforting her stressed son. GetzWell's newest pediatrician Rachel Gilgoff, MD, has cutting edge expertise in managing stress in children and adults.
With Dr. Gilgoff’s expertise we are expanding our services to include From Stress to Wellness – StressWell!
  1. Anxiety and depression
  2. Impulsivity and addictions
  3. Attention and focus issues
  4. Dissociation and feeling numb
  5. Frequent outbursts and learning problems at school
  6. Asthma attacks
  7. Inflammation and changes in blood sugar levels
  8. Food cravings
  9. Anorexia
  10. Obesity
  11. Headaches and stomach aches

Based on her years of experience in the field, Dr. Gilgoff has pulled together the latest stress research to evaluate how stress is specifically impacting you and/or your child’s biology and behavior. These are examples of some of the approaches used by Dr. Gilgoff in our StressWell program:

  1. A strengths-based, compassionate approach
  2. Dr. Gilgoff is here to support you and your family, nurture your strengths, and boost your innate resilience.
  3. A detailed stress and resilience assessment and report
  4. Interventions and treatments that are targeted to your and your child’s stress biology
  5. Dr. Gilgoff provides intervention strategies that target your child’s specific underlying biology and the needs of your entire family.
  6. Whole family support
  7. Parents, caregivers, siblings need support and healing too!

As a part of GetzWell’s StressWell with Dr. Gilgoff, you will gain a better understanding of the root causes of your own, your child’s, and your family’s stressors and practical and effective tools for healing and change. Depending on your specific circumstances, she may recommend certain clinical tests and interventions which she will discuss in detail with you.

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