“An Inside Out Approach:” How Dr. Getzelman Helped To Transform the Health of an Entire Family with 23andMe Genetic Testing


Dr. Getzelman is using genomic data to combat chronic illness and deliver ADHD treatment without medication. We’re continuing to see phenomenal results from the families who’ve sought out our groundbreaking service.

In this post, we’ll share the story of one family from our San Francisco practice whose lives have been radically transformed by working with Dr. Getzelman and treating their conditions at the root.

About the Family from San Francisco:

Carol and her children, Charles, Jake, and Sarah, were all struggling with various health issues. Both Charles and Jake were exhibiting ADHD-like symptoms and quarreled with one another incessantly. Charles was exceptionally hyperactive and dysregulated even though he was taking ADHD medication. He resisted doing his homework and would never initiate projects on his own. He was also very rigid in his eating preferences, wanting only beige and processed foods like cereal, pasta and crackers, etc. After years of consulting nutritionists and other pediatricians, Carol knew that he needed an “inside out approach” that she had heard was offered at GetzWell, and was especially intrigued by our ability to provide an ADHD treatment without medication.

Carol herself had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and had struggled with her own frenetic energy and anxiety, similar to her sons. Her daughter Sarah was diagnosed with celiac disease and was told that the development of type 1 diabetes (TIDM) was inevitable and given no hope for prevention.

Tired of getting nowhere with conventional medicine, Carol turned to our primary care pediatricians for that “inside out approach” and to her delight, Dr. Getzelman was able to delve into her family’s genetic data for meaningful solutions.

Genomic Findings:

Carol and her two sons completed saliva testing for determining clinically relevant genomic polymorphisms and this provided Dr. Getzelman with critical information about their neurotransmitter metabolism: in each of them the enzyme responsible for metabolizing dopamine and norepinephrine wasn’t working at full capacity. The excess of dopamine and norepinephrine gave the appearance of ADHD and caused hyperactivity and a lack of planning and organizing, which we commonly call a deficit in executive function. 

Dr. Getzelman also discovered that Carol and her kids had significant risks for glutathione deficiency. Glutathione is a molecule produced naturally in the body that works as a master antioxidant and detoxifier. It is essential for immune function and controlling inflammation. Since inflammation is the common denominator in chronic illness, over time glutathione deficiency may lead to any number of diseases.

By identifying this family’s genetic predispositions, Dr. Getzelman was able to uncover meaningful risks for their health challenges. This information also made it possible for her to treat their conditions without the primary use of pharmaceutical medications. Here’s how…

Dr. Getzelman’s Treatment Plan:

Drawing from her expertise as a primary care pediatrician, Dr. Getzelman customized a comprehensive “mind and body” treatment plan for Carol and her family. Here’s a summary of what worked for them: 

  • Brain support supplements including critical fats that are needed for neurotransmitter breakdown. (The brain is composed mostly of fat, and nerves cannot transmit their signals without fat.)
  • Magnesium which is “the relaxation mineral” and cofactor for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body.
  • B-vitamins which are necessary for clear thinking, relaxation, and detoxification.
  • Glutathione for the entire family.
  • Dietary changes: since Charles tested positive for an immune reactivity to gluten and his sister has celiac disease, Dr. Getzelman recommended a gluten-free diet with as few processed carbs and sugar as possible. The entire family decided to make these changes to their eating.
  • Mindfulness work using the meditation app, Headspace, which offers brief, easy-to-follow daily meditation practices for kids and adults alike, and has become particularly popular among families in San Francisco. 


After just 4 months of working with Dr. Getzelman, Carol is overjoyed by how drastically the health of her entire family has improved. She reports that everyone is much calmer and feels more focused, not frenetic. The boys have stopped their constant fighting and are cooperating and helping each other for the first time ever.

Thanks to Dr. Getzelman’s approach, Charles was able to receive an ADHD treatment without medication. He started doing homework without being asked (even the on the weekends!) and now confidently takes on school projects. He is consistently getting As and Bs and is headed for success in high school. Completely to their surprise, his flavor palate broadened and he has started asking for healthier and more diverse foods, such as snap peas, strawberries, and pesto (for pasta), things he would never before eat.

Carol’s lab markers improved dramatically with glutathione and magnesium such that her pre-diabetes is considered in “remission.” Her sugars and insulin normalized in 3 months and her triglycerides decreased by more than half!

Sarah’s health is also steadily improving with the help of glutathione and other powerful antioxidants like turmeric/curcumin, and an organic, gluten-free diet. Following this regimen, we believe that she stands a strong chance of at least staving off TIDM for some time.

An added bonus: Carol’s husband also benefited from the treatment plan, with glutathione helping to cure a post-pneumonia cough that lasted for months and also clearing up a chronic scaly ear condition  — an unforeseen, but much-welcomed outcome.  

Let GetzWell help you find the answers to your family’s unique needs.

Carol’s story proves that an “inside out approach” to health care and a customized treatment plan informed by genetic data can be successful for an entire family, not just kids.

To learn more about our revolutionary approach and ability to provide ADHD treatment without medication, please contact our San Francisco offices at 415-826-1701. Our primary care pediatricians would love to help.

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