A World of Flavor within the Womb

We’re all familiar with the old adage ‘you are what you eat’. Well, that’s not all. New studies shed light on just how influenced your baby is by what you eat, too!

This fascinating article from NPR reveals exciting research about how what you eat during your pregnancy can help shape your baby’s taste buds and flavor preferences.

According to Julie Mennella from the Monell Chemical Senses Center, your baby consumes several ounces of amniotic fluid a day, which is flavored by the foods and beverages you ingest. She notes that at about 21 weeks, your baby can actually taste these flavors!

Garlic, vanilla, carrot, anise, and mint are just few examples of the endless flavors your baby can experience in utero.

Expand your baby’s palette before their first bite.

Not only does your baby directly benefit from the nutrients you consume, these studies also indicate that babies develop memories of the flavors they are exposed to prenatally.

As a result, babies whose mothers consume varieties of spices and herbs are likely to prefer these foods and flavors from very early ages. Developing a sophisticated palette before birth can really help set the stage for lifelong healthy eating habits.

The proof really is in the pudding.

We cannot stress enough how important a nutritious diet is to your baby’s overall health. Exposing your child to fresh produce and tasty spices before and after birth really is the first step in preventive health.

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