What Questions Should I Ask My Pediatrician During the First Appointment?

With so many options for pediatric care in San Francisco, how do you narrow the field? Searching the web for patient reviews and asking friends for referrals can be helpful, but often the only way to really know if a doctor is right is to meet them personally.

We aren’t advocating interviewing scores of pediatricians, but being an active participant in your first appointment can go a long way toward making a good decision. So be prepared to ask the right questions to ensure you’re choosing the best in San Francisco pediatric care.

Getting a feel for the heart of the practice

You want the very best for your child so to gain a better understanding of a pediatrician’s approach we suggest you ask the following:

  • How long will a typical office visit last?
  • How do you determine the cause of an illness?
  • Aside from medications, are there other treatments you typically recommend for illness?
  • How do you guide parents in promoting wellness and preventing sickness?
  • If I have a question outside of an office visit, am I able to contact you via phone and email?

The average length of a typical office visit is 12 minutes. Most doctors are not taught to look for causes of, or ways to bolster, the body’s natural ability to defend against illness. Physicians are primarily trained in symptom suppression and the Rx pad is the primary tool for doing so. And most practices don’t answer email and outsource advice calls to anonymous nursing lines.

In contrast, at GetzWell our typical office visits last 3-4 times longer than the national average. We dig deeper to understand what’s causing illness in your child and then create individualized treatment plans not just to alleviate symptoms but to provide lasting wellness. And, if you have a question, our professionals are available 24/7 to take your calls and emails, because at the heart of our practice is the relationship we have with families. We are committed to providing exceptional care that support your child’s health for a lifetime.

Visit us at GetzWell Pediatrics and experience the best in San Francisco pediatric care for your child. Call today to learn more. Church St: 415.826.1701 / Union St: 415.969.6670.