What Kind of Experience Will We Have at GetzWell Pediatrics?

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s common for businesses to make claims they can’t deliver. At GetzWell we don’t believe in making assertions we can’t support – we truly are experts in providing the most comprehensive care available for your child.

Time Well Spent

Pushed by the demands of insurance companies, many pediatric practices function more like drive-thru’s than welcoming healing environments serving children’s medical needs. The typical pediatrician sees 25-40 patients per day and this means each patient gets about 12 minutes with their physician, the national average. We’re not typical – we practice slow medicine, taking our time like the old-fashioned doctor but we also have a 21st century toolbox.

At GetzWell Pediatrics, we don’t believe we’ve done our job until we get to the heart of your concerns, coming to know you and your family in the process. This is why when you visit us you can expect:

  • Your pediatrician will spend 3-4 times longer with you than the national average
  • We will actively listen, answer your questions, educate and partner with you
  • A holistic approach that considers physical, emotional, developmental, environment and lifestyle factors
  • Treatment options that extend beyond prescription drugs

We do more than just treat symptoms. We get to know you and assist in creating healthy lifestyles that supports your child’s lasting wellness, from now into adulthood.

Experience a higher standard from your San Francisco primary care pediatrician. Call us at GetzWell Pediatrics today to learn more. Church St / Union St: (415) 826-1701.