What Are the Benefits of Pediatric Care at GetzWell ?

Have you ever taken your child to a pediatrician and felt like you were in a relay race? The doctor runs in, hands you a prescription, and urges you quickly out the door. With the average American pediatrician seeing over 25 patients a day at around 12 minutes a visit, it’s safe to say you aren’t alone.

At GetzWell, San Francisco primary care pediatrics patients and their parents have a different experience. We practice Slow Medicine, emphasizing thoughtful clinical reasoning, evidence based practice, and enduring trusted relationships. We take the time to understand and address your health concerns.

Breaking the Fast-Food Care Cycle

With the skewed incentives that drive our health care system it’s no surprise that most doctors have been forced to adopt a drive-thru mentality of patient care. Insurance based practices are forced into a numbers game in order to pay the bills, and the result is unhappy and ill-cared for patients and dissatisfied physicians.

This “fast-food” cycle discourages meaningful patient-doctor relationships and often leads to misdiagnoses, unnecessary procedures, and of course more prescriptions and symptom suppression. At GetzWell Pediatrics, we have adopted a direct primary care (DPC) model which eliminates the insurer from interfering in the doctor-patient relationship. This allows us to provide better care including:

  • Patient visits that are 3-4 times longer than the national average
  • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities
  • A focus on optimizing immune function
  • In-home new parent counseling and newborn house calls
  • 24/7 direct access to our physicians and staff

We’re like the old-fashioned doctor with all the modern tools and then some. We want to address root causes of health issues and promote lasting wellness for your child. Though we don’t work with insurance, many insurers reimburse patients for the care we provide.

Choose the very best for your child: GetzWell Pediatrics premiere pediatric primary care in San Francisco. Call today to learn more. Church St: 415.826.1701 / Union St: 415.969.6670.