Unique Services

We live in a complex world and many of us, even our kids, are being diagnosed with chronic illnesses which used to be reserved for adults.

Each of us has the capacity for self-healing, but there are things that get in the way of our vibrancy and good health. These include our own unique genetic make-up, food sensitivities and allergies, infections, environmental toxicants including heavy metals and industrial chemicals, emotional trauma, etc.

We’re now using our unique tools to create customized treatment plans based on your distinct biology to help you and your children THRIVE.

Our approach to healing is outlined here:

• First, we figure out a personalized “map” for each patient via an in-depth history, physical assessment, and specialized genetic testing.

• Then, based on the above, we identify environmental stressors (like toxins, allergens, relationship dynamics) and seek to minimize those “toxic” exposures.

• Finally, we begin to work on the body’s internal “terrain” to get it systems working in synchrony again and this often begins with the gut as it is the foundation for all biological functions.

Call us to explore — we are now offering consultations for children AND adults!

GetzWell uses its non-pharmaceutical approach to treat common health issues, such as:

• Allergies
• Anxiety
• Asthma
• Autoimmune illness
• Behavior challenges
• Brain fog
• Celiac disease
• Chronic constipation
• Depression/Mood issues
• Eczema
• Environmental toxicity
• Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE)
• Failure to thrive
• Food intolerances
• Gastrointestinal and digestive disorders
• Gluten sensitivity (non-celiac)
• Headaches
• Irritable bowel
• Migraines
• Neurodevelopmental delays
• Preconception health
• Sensory processing disorder
• Sleep issues
• Thyroid disorders