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“We have been with Getzwell for over 5 years and are so grateful for the thoughtful and supportive care they provide. We are especially grateful for Dr. Glynn at the Union Street location as she has been our primary doctor for most of our daughters’ years. I had a lot of anxiety around vaccinations and they supported my choice to do an alternative schedule and every step of the way, I felt like I was making an informed and empowered decision. We’ve also made it through several bouts of illnesses without needing to give her antibiotics, which is incredible. It is true that appointments are always on time and never ever rushed. When my daughter was five days old, I was struggling with breastfeeding like so many moms do. I went in to Getzwell a total wreck, crying and feeling like a failure because she wasn’t eating. They sat with me for six hours. SIX hours! Helping me work on the latch and getting her to eat. And every time we call with a question or a late night scare, they are always there with a thoughtful answer and never make us feel like we are a bother. I just wish more people could have access to this kind of care as it is truly life changing. I honestly wish I could find a practice like this for myself! Thank you Getzwell!!!” Erika E. *

“Dr. Getzelman is incredibly professional, intelligent and intuitive. She constantly makes my son feel at ease and gives me peace of mind, with her 20+ years of practice, every time I have a fear or a concern. She is kind and understanding and takes the time to answer any questions I have. We are super fans of the GetzWell Practice & look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.” Alyssa R *

“We love this place. Always take as much time we need to answer any question. Always returns phone calls promptly. We see it as an investment in our children’s future health as we are getting really good foundational guidance on healthy eating, emotional IQ, sleeping, parenting strategies…etc that most pediatricians don’t have time to talk about. It’s really worth it.” Karen W. * 

“I miss the GetzWell Pediatrics team! Unfortunately, I moved away and am now in the churn and burn of fast food pediatrics. Every time I visit my children’s pediatrician I feel like they are reading from a script. For example: I’ve been there about 6 times for well child or illness related exams and EVERY TIME they ask me if I have any guns in my house (!?!?). Conversely, when I was with Getzwell, everyone there knew me and my children on a very personal level. I was completely spoiled by the in-home newborn visits, personal after-hours care and relative ease of getting appointments. If you live in SF, I can’t recommend them enough!” Heather G. *

“If you want the very best, alternative minded pediatrician in San Francisco, Julia Getzelman is your doctor. She spent two hours with us, making sure I understood everything about my twins’ health.” Maureen R. *

“Even though we were impressed with her when we met with her during my pregnancy, it was another thing altogether to watch her interact with our newborn. I really feel like we made the right choice.” Laura L. *

“GetzWell is our pediatrician and we love them. We switched after we were unsatisfied with the more ‘old school’ practice we were taking our 3 month old to. They really take the time to cover everything at the appointments and do not rush us.” Jenifer B. *

“Dr G is the doctor that we all wish we had (pediatrician or otherwise). Kind, patient, smart, open to alternative practices and vaccination scheduling. She listens carefully to moms and trusts their intuition. So many other doctors write off new parents’ concerns about their babies as being hyper-nervous.” Lisa V. *

“We use Dr. Getzelman for my 4 month old son. We really love her. She is easy to talk to, very relaxed, and almost hyper responsive! She responds to email day and night, which is awesome. She is flexible regarding vaccines–we use an alternative vaccine schedule (more visits, less shots per visit) and she is great with that. Her background is in functional medicine–gut health, probiotics, etc.” Rhian B. *

“We’ve been clients of Getzwell for over a year and we’re THRILLED to be in the practice. Theirs are one of the newer breed of doctors who acts like a person, with a great sense of humor, and a welcoming manner that invites the participation of the parents in the entire process of raising kids healthy.” Alex B. *

“We LOVE Julia and her staff…I cannot say enough! We started at another practice and after 3 miserable experiences switched to Getzwell. Their clinical skills are excellent and they are all great with babies (our daughter is 5 months old). They give us a lot of reading materials, etc. They are pro-active, not reactive! They respond to emails 24/7–it’s really unbelievable.” Jennifer K. *

“At GetzWell you never feel hurried, they know all of their patients because of the small client base, and they frequently check on patients via email. Also, they are really good with keeping the toddler happy and not forcing things to happen if the child does not want something poking his body.” Yukie F. *

“Getzwell is absolutely amazing, extremely knowledgeable, and my 16 month old is mesmerized by the experience.” Wayee C. *

“Julia is our (wonderful!) pediatrician; we joined her practice about a year and a half ago. Julia diagnosed our (now) 2yo’s dietary sensitivities and helped change him from a subdued boy that always, ALWAYS had a runny nose and hardly ever even tried talking, to a busy, active, happy, clear-breathing little guy who just yesterday told his dad a long, complicated story that lasted at least 2 full minutes.” Lara W. *

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San Francisco Pediatrician Testimonials

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