Slow Medicine Approach

Your pediatrician is a touch point for all the questions you have about your child’s health, nutrition, behavior, emotional well being and overall development. At GetzWell Pediatrics, we help you through every stage of your child’s growth. Our slow medicine approach means that we spend time to give you advice whenever you need it and use all of the information you provide to develop a complete picture of your child.

Unrushed Office Visits

Our office visits are unrushed. This allows us to cultivate relationships with families and partner with parents in helping them raise healthy, happy children. During an office visit we will:

  • Spend quality time with your child (approximately 30-45 minutes per visit versus the typical 10-15 minutes)
  • Give you time to ask all of your questions and take time to explain techniques and information that will help you be a better parent
  • Make every effort to keep your child comfortable ensuring they have a positive experience in our offices

The bedrock of an integrative medicine versus traditional Western medicine approach is having the time to understand the whole person, not just their symptoms in isolation. Additionally, we believe each patient encounter is an opportunity to educate parents about how how best to keep their children healthy.

Open Access Appointments

Your Open Access membership to GetzWell Pediatrics affords you 24/7 direct access to your doctor via telephone and email. This means that we:

  • Do not use an answering service or nurse triage system, which means far fewer emergency room and urgent care visits
  • See you for acute care needs on the day of your request
  • Provide appointments within 1-3 business days for non-urgent matters

Open access appointments give us the chance to deliver superlative medical care in a timely fashion.

Sick Visits

In most cases, GetzWell Pediatrics can accommodate same day appointments for urgent and sick visits. Your open access membership gives you:

  • Direct telephone access to one of our professionals 24/7
  • Same day appointments for urgent matters
  • Priority appointments for non-urgent issues

For an extra fee, non-members may be accommodated for acute visits based on appointment availability.