Relationship Based Care

Grounded on a ‘slow medicine’ philosophy, we build deep and enduring relationships in order to understand and address your unique needs. Our patient appointments are 3-4 times longer than the national average, allowing an extra level of personalized care and plenty of time for questions, education and support.

Your pediatrician is the main resource for your child’s health. We believe in educating and enlightening parents about how to best care for their children. This requires a slower approach that takes into account everything happening in your child’s life.

We welcome after hour advice calls, even at 3 a.m. when your child has a fever and you don’t know what to do. We also provide advice calls during regular office hours when your infant has his first cold or you are trying to decide on a new baby food. Our patients are the foundation of our practice and your child’s well being is at the core.

For more information about our affordable membership plans, call our Church St. location at (415) 826-1701, Union St. location at (415) 969-6670, or send an email.