Discover the transformative power of neurofeedback, addressing a wide range of concerns from attention and focus to anxiety and autism spectrum disorder.

Experience the transformative benefits of neurofeedback today!

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Exciting news at GetzWell! We’re thrilled to introduce neurofeedback, a cutting-edge form of biofeedback designed to empower patients aged six and older with greater control over their brain functions. Led by our expert, Dr. Rachel Gilgoff, neurofeedback offers a unique pathway to health and wellness.

What Is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a painless, noninvasive method that enhances mind-body awareness and reduces the impacts of stress. Through screen-based visual cues, patients learn to strengthen and adapt their brain patterns, promoting resilience and flexibility. Tailored to individual needs, neurofeedback targets specific areas of the brain, fostering relaxation or up-regulation where necessary.

Imagine a future where the brain is trained to remain calm in situations that once triggered anxiety or unease—neurofeedback makes that a reality. This bottom-up approach helps rewire the “lower brain,” regulating bodily functions like heart rhythm and mitigating stress responses. Whether it’s improving attention, managing impulses, enhancing sleep, or alleviating mood disorders, neurofeedback offers an attractive alternative to traditional approaches that often rely heavily on medication..

What issues can neurofeedback address?

Dr. Rachel Gilgoff, a pediatrician and integrative medicine specialist, brings a wealth of expertise to each session. With a passion for enhancing children’s well-being through innovative methods like neurofeedback, Dr. Gilgoff is dedicated to addressing a wide range of concerns, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, and more.

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Neurofeedback is now available at GetzWell, offering hope and healing for patients six and up. Schedule with us now to unlock the full potential of health and happiness.