Membership At A San Francisco Pediatrician Group

GetzWell Pediatrics Membership

San Francisco Pediatrician With Baby Patient
GetzWell’s concierge pediatrician model allows us to focus on quality over quantity and provide superlative care to our patients. We love it, our patients love it, and we think you will, too.

At GetzWell we strive to deliver superlative care and to achieve this goal we have eliminated the red tape by which traditional insurance practices are restricted – we have chosen to work directly with our patients and keep our practice small. This structure allows us to spend our time where it really counts: with you.

Our current annual membership fee is $400 per child. The yearly renewal fee for each child after their 5th birthday is 60% of the then-current full rate.

Benefits include:

** Annual membership fees are additional to charges for clinical care throughout the year. **

Not ready to become a member yet?

No problem, we are happy to see patients on a non-member basis. A non-member surcharge of $130 is assessed in addition to medical service charges and the member benefits listed above are not available.

Interested in seeing if GetzWell is the practice for you?

Start with a Meet & Greet which gives you an opportunity to see our beautiful offices and speak with a provider to learn more about what makes GetzWell unique!