Integrative Medicine

Our integrative medicine approach is made possible by a Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership model.

Integrative pediatricians have an expanded view of health and a larger tool box. This means we have more than a prescription pad for treating kids. Our perspective can be a lifesaver for first time parents but even experienced moms and dads will benefit.

DPC allows us to provide our integrative approach, deliver superior health outcomes and optimize the patient care experience by eliminating third party payors and conflicts inherent in an insurance based practice. This offers a more meaningful alternative to the current insurance driven model by eliminating interference between us and our patients.

Our integrative approach includes a broader range of medical services that extends to preventive care and complementary medicine. The DPC model allows us to spend more time with you and your child rather than being forced to see a high volume of patients like most doctors. This builds deep trust and an enduring relationship with your GetzWell pediatrician.

For more information about our affordable membership plans, call our Church St. location at (415) 826-1701, Union St. location at (415) 969-6670, or send an email.