How To Cope With A Crying Baby

Ask any San Francisco parent and they will tell you that newborn care can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Newborns depend on their parents for absolutely everything and crying is the leading instigator of sleep deprivation. Learning how to soothe and cope with a crying baby is a great way to mitigate the stresses that come with caring for a newborn.  Read on as GetzWell Pediatrics’ doctors provide you with best practices for coping with your crying baby.

Remember That Crying Is Your Baby’s Form of Communication

A crying infant can cause a great deal of stress, even for the most patient parent. But it’s important to remember that crying is your baby’s way of communicating with you. Your baby will cry to signal when he or she is hungry, tired, needs a diaper change, wants to be held or put down, or is over-stimulated. What’s really helpful is babies are known to have different cries to express different needs, and over time, you’ll be able to quickly identify your baby’s need based on the type of cry.

Safe Ways To Stop Newborn Crying

It’s important for all parents to know the safest ways to soothe a crying newborn. And the best way to do so is to get to the bottom of your baby’s needs. Check to see if your baby is:

  • Hungry and ready for his or her next feeding
  • Wet or soiled and in need of a diaper change
  • Over-stimulated and needs a calmer environment
  • Wanting to be held to feel safe and nurtured
  • Wanting movement in the form of rocking or swaying, either in your arms, a stroller, or a car ride
  • Needing to be soothed by singing, talking, suckling or swaddling

What To Do When the Crying Feels Overwhelming To You

So, you’ve tried everything you know to do to safely calm your crying baby and nothing is working.  And as a result you feel like you’re at your wits’ end. Parenting is hard work and it’s normal to have moments of frustration and frazzle. The best thing to do in this scenario is to set your baby down in a safe place, like a crib or bassinet, and walk out of the room taking a quick break to gather yourself. A few deep belly breaths and a call to a friend or family member can do wonders. A calm mama or daddy often translates to a more tranquil baby, so don’t forget to take those moments to breathe and center yourself.

If you need help with newborn care, don’t feel ashamed. All new San Francisco parents require extra support at one time or another. There’s a reason for the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” If you do not have friends or family in the San Francisco area to call on, consider hiring a postpartum doula or a nanny who is skilled in newborn care to provide you with some much-needed relief.

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