How Do I Know I Have the Right Pediatrician for My Newborn?

There are few things in life that bring more joy than the birth of your child. Despite this euphoria, a newborn introduces such significant changes to parents’ lives that having the proper supports in place is crucial to a successful transition to parenthood. Having the right pediatrician can make all the difference.

With so many options available in San Francisco, finding the best care for your newborn can be overwhelming, but there are some simple things you can do to narrow your search. Of course you can research online, read doctor reviews and ask your friends, but often the most productive thing is to ask your prospective pediatrician a few well-crafted questions.

Asking the Right Questions

Ask most pediatricians what they recommend if your baby has asthma or a chronically runny nose and they may be reaching for the Albuterol or steroids before you even finish your sentence. Aside from this, try asking a few of these questions to get a better understanding of their approach:

  • What steps do you go through to determine the source of an illness? Most pediatricians are trained only to look for classic signs and symptoms and then move on to prescribing medication. We take a more nuanced view, looking for underlying causes and treating the root with our expanded toolbox.
  • What can you do if I’m having difficulty breastfeeding my baby and considering giving formula instead? We want to support new parents every step of the way, including the early days when breastfeeding may be quite a challenge. Because we offer newborn house calls and longer office visits, we can accurately assess your needs and goals and offer what’s necessary to get you on your way to successfully nourishing your baby.
  • Can you help me adjust to being a new parent after I bring my baby home? At GetzWell we offer in-home counseling sessions with a licensed family therapist to help you adjust to the rigors of new parenthood.
  • If it’s the weekend or late at night and I have a question, how can I get help? We never outsource after hour calls to anonymous nurse advice lines, which is standard practice. GetzWell families have 24/7 access to our pediatric professionals by phone.

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