GetzWell Membership

Welcome to GetzWell Pediatrics! We are a concierge or Direct Primary Care (DPC) medical practice. This means our care is immediate, thorough, progressive and very personal. Our focus is always on the patient, never rushing through appointments and always getting to the heart of your concerns and questions.

In a DPC model of health care, the doctor-patient relationship is exactly as the name suggests, direct.  DPC practices don’t accept insurance. Rather they choose to work directly with the patient without the interference inherent in insurance based practices. Instead of high volume practices where pediatricians see 6-8 patients an hour, a typical day for each of our pediatricians is a total of 8 patients. We have returned the practice of medicine to its root values of clinical excellence and compassionate personal care, “slow medicine” at its best. We love it, our patients love it, and we think you will too.

Members pay a modest annual open access membership fee, and because we operate on an “out of network” basis, payment for office visits and services is due upon their completion. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be reimbursed by your insurance company. In fact, as an added benefit, our members may elect to have us submit insurance reimbursement claims on their behalf and can expect to receive checks directly from their insurance carrier within 2-4 weeks.

What is the current open access membership fee?

The open access membership fee helps to keep our practice small and available to you whenever you need us. Our current annual fee for new members is $310. Once your child reaches age 5 and has been a member for at least a year, the annual renewal fee is 50% of the then current new member rate.

What is included in the open access membership fee?

    • Same day priority appointments and personalized medicine
    • The choice of virtual visits when safe and appropriate
    • Appointments lasting 3-4 times the national average with plenty of time for your questions and concerns
    • 24/7 direct access to our pediatricians via phone and email
    • Options outside of typical prescription medication including herbs, immune supports, supplements, and effective lifestyle interventions
    • Newborn house calls
    • An old-fashioned relationship with your doctor and true collaboration for important health care decisions
    • Members may elect to have us submit reimbursement claims to the insurance company (on an out-of-network basis)
    • Prescription refills at no charge
    • Annual school and camp forms completed at no charge
    • 10% discount on all supplements, vitamins, probiotics, and other products we offer to keep your family healthy
    • Discounts on in-office educational programs and lectures

Our practice reports some of the lowest rates of asthma, allergy, autoimmune illness and childhood obesity compared to national and local averages.

How do I get reimbursed for office visits and other services?

Once clinical services are completed or following your GetzWell visit, we generate a “superbill” which is the receipt that insurers require for reimbursement. You may submit the superbill yourself or elect to have us submit it for you. Either way, your insurer will typically remit a portion of the cost to you within 2-4 weeks, with actual amounts varying based on the specifics of your insurance. Since we don’t contract directly with any insurer, we are considered an “out-of-network” practice. Many families report receiving reimbursement at levels of 50-100%.

Call one of our San Francisco offices to get more information about how open access membership works: (415) 826-1701.