GetzWell’s Genetic Assessment

Our mission is to find the root cause of your or your child’s health challenges. (Yes, we see adults who are interested in this approach!) With functional medicine as the guiding principle, we take the time to identify the underlying and often overlooked factors that impact human health.

We achieve this level of granularity through our Genetic Assessment in which we take a deep dive into a symptom timeline, birth and medical history, nutrition and lifestyle details, sleep quality, temperament and emotional habits, and genetic polymorphisms to understand the unique biology of every patient.

And this is just the jumping-off point – we often need to look further to determine food sensitivities or allergies, celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), infections, mold exposure and susceptibility, body burden by metals or industrial chemicals, intestinal permeability, parasites, dysbiosis and other measures of gut health, etc. All of these factors contribute to inflammation in the body, which is the common upstream variable in all modern illness.

This is a comprehensive and collaborative process which affords us the time, tools, and information we need to create meaningful and personalized treatment plans that allow the body and brain to achieve vitality – without the primary use of medications.

We want to help our patients heal from the inside out.

By focusing on treating the whole person — not just an isolated set of symptoms — we’re able to deliver non-pharmaceutical solutions to many common and chronic conditions such as ADHD, allergies, eczema, anxiety, autism, autoimmune disease, GI complaints, headaches/migraines, and many more.

What our families are saying:

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