Counseling Home Visits for New Parents

At GetzWell Pediatrics we believe that it is just as important for new parents to learn how to cope with the demands of a new baby as it to learn how to care for her or him. Healthy parenting is a balancing act that can be nurtured by the expert advice and guidance of someone who has not only been through it herself but has the skills and training to work with and teach parents.

Transitioning to Your Role as a New Parent

It’s normal to feel be overwhelmed during your newborn’s first days. Even if you already have a child, the addition of a new baby can add a level of complexity to family life that you couldn’t imagine before he/she arrived. We offers house calls for new parents to provide:

  • Education on how to achieve balance with your new baby
  • Support with the emotional and physical demands of a newborn
  • Counseling to address the emotional needs of your family

These home visits allow parents to adjust to their new roles in the comfort of their own home without disrupting your new baby’s schedule.

What Can Counseling Help With?

Many parents in San Francisco can quickly find themselves with myriad questions and anxieties related to their new baby. During a session, we help you identify and address issues such as:

  • Bonding with your infant
  • Adjusting to a very different schedule
  • Anxiety about whether your newborn is developing normally
  • Identifying and treating postpartum depression

Home visits can aid in increasing parents’ confidence and joy in their new roles and smoothing the transition to becoming a family.

New Parent Counseling as Part of Integrative Medicine

At GetzWell Pediatrics, we look at our patients as whole people rather than just as a set of symptoms. This integrative approach means that factors such as home environment, emotions, nutrition, and family dynamics are factored into every one of our visits. We place high value on providing care that extends beyond the typical 10 minute appointment and can recommend additional resources to support your family.