Complimentary Resources from Dr. Getzelman’s ‘How Healthy Aging Begins In Utero’ at UCSF’s 2011 Integrative Medicine Forum

Morgan, Hugh D. et al. “Epigenetic Inheritance at the Agouti Locus in the Mouse.”

Barker, D.J.P. “Fetal Origins of Coronary Heart Disease.”

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PVC shower curtains:

Steingraber, Sandra.  Having Faith, An Ecologist’s Journey To Motherhood.

Center for Environmental Health:

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:

Physicians for Social Responsibility[SF chapter]:

Breast Cancer Fund:

Pesticide Action Network:

Childbirth Connection:

Children’s Environmental Health Network:

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services:

Collaborative on Health and the Environment:

TEDx The Endocrine Disruption Exchange:

Environmental Working Group:

Science and Environmental Health Network:

Sandra Steingraber:

UCSF Report: Shaping Our Legacy:

Women to Women Discussion on Endocrine Disruptors:

Washington Toxics Coalition’s Early Exposure Study:

Dr. Mark Hyman:

Institute for Functional Medicine:

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