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It’s no secret that there is a great deal of controversy over whether to vaccinate children and if vaccines can, in fact, cause serious and/or long term health effects. At the heart of the matter are the genuine apprehensions of parents who want to make sound decisions on behalf of their children’s health and future.

At GetzWell, when it comes to childhood vaccination, we use up-to-date research and thoughtful consultation to help our families plan the best course of action. We also go to great lengths to help parents understand the helpful role they play in their baby’s immunization response and experience. The following are 5 important ways we can

This is a 2 part video that highlights GetzWell’s thoughtful, 21st Century approach to childhood vaccination.  Dr. Getzelman was a panel member at the Bay Area Home Birth Collective‘s annual vaccine talk at San Francisco’s Waldorf School this year and speaks about GetzWell’s unique approach to vaccination. vaccines at GetzWell #1 vaccines at GetzWell #2

At GetzWell Pediatrics we offer an innovative personalized approach to help families with the unique challenges faced by their adolescent. By having more time during our preteen and teen exams, we really get to know you and your child and help  steer you in a positive direction. A Different Approach for a Challenging Time Engaging

We support childhood vaccination so that your child is protected from harmful and potentially fatal diseases. While vaccines are necessary for the health of our patients and communities, we believe parents should have the option to adopt a customized vaccination schedule, different from the one recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Center

Several very recent polls have indicated that 40% of American families do not plan to vaccinate their children against the H1N1 flu.  Meanwhile, CDC and state health officials continue to stress the need for children, teens, pregnant mothers and other high risk groups to obtain the vaccine.  Who is right? Many of our families initially

What does it mean to be a vaccine friendly pediatric practice? While we believe vaccines play a vital role in keeping our patients and communities healthy, we support parents in their right to adopt a vaccination schedule different from the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We recommend that