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Milk: Is it really necessary? Current recommendations for milk: Until infants are 12 months old, their primary nutrition source comes from breast milk and/or formula with the addition of solids typically at 4-6 months. Once the 12-month birthday comes around, and the rate at which children grow decreases, the nutritional needs for toddlers change as

How She’s Leveraging Genetic Data to Combat Chronic Illness Diagnoses (such as ADHD, anxiety, other emotional dysregulation, sensory processing disorder, chronic constipation, eczema, autoimmune illness, etc.) The current generation is the first whose lifespans will be shorter than their parents’, and the incidence of chronic illness is to blame. Some statistics claim that 1 in

Welcome to GetzWell Pediatrics! We are a concierge or Direct Primary Care (DPC) medical practice. This means our care is immediate, thorough, progressive and very personal. Our focus is always on the patient, never rushing through appointments and always getting to the heart of your concerns and questions. In a DPC model of health care,

When you think of the ideal pediatrician for your child, what qualities come to mind? Do you want a pediatrician committed to building a long term relationship with you and your kids? Are you seeking a pediatrician who is kind and puts your child at ease? Is this doctor genuinely interested in supporting your family’s

At GetzWell we hold that, whenever possible, breastfeeding is the absolute best way to feed your baby. With the many benefits to your child’s cognitive development, immune system, gut health, and bonding, the protective and health promoting properties of breastmilk are nothing short of amazing! At the same time, the reality of our modern world

Now that summertime is in full swing, we’d like to fill you in of how to be mindful of your family’s safety during this fun and adventurous season. Here are 7 simple tips to make sure you and your kids enjoy a summer that’s as safe and accident-free as possible: 1. Safeguard against the summer sun. Excessive

Parenting: The Whole-Brain Child No Drama Discipline Raise the Child You Have Not the One You Want How Children Succeed Becoming The Parents You Want to Be: A Sourcebook of Strategies for the First Five Years Parenting from the Inside Out The Magic Years: Understanding and Handling the Problems of Early Childhood 1-2-3 Magic The

In a previous post, we alerted you to the many toxins found in baby products and nurseries. Of these toxins, flame retardants are one of the most pervasive. These are synthetic chemicals found in and on couches, mattresses, and many other products that parents use on a day-to-day basis, including car seats, changing pads, nursery

San Francisco is in full springtime bloom-beautiful! With summer just around the corner, these sunny months can mean suffering from seasonal allergies. But have no fear, we have just the tips you need to combat allergies for the whole family. Allergies are skewed immunologic reactions to environmental triggers and typically involve inflammation of the nasal

We are so excited to announce GetzWell Pediatrics will be opening its second primary care pediatrics office on Union Street in Pacific Heights this fall! The new space is located at 1800 Union Street in a beautiful art deco building at the corner of Octavia. Renovations will begin on July 1st and we aim to be up