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Ways to Boost Your Kid’s Immune System – All Year Round!

Do you feel like your kid is constantly getting sick? Well, that’s likely because a child’s developing immune system makes them more susceptible to illness, especially with frequent exposure to germs at daycares, classrooms, and playgrounds.

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Welcome to GetzWell Pediatrics! We are a concierge or Direct Primary Care (DPC) medical practice. This means our care is immediate, thorough, progressive and very personal. Our focus is always on the patient, never rushing through appointments and always getting to the heart of your concerns and questions.

Finding a San Francisco Pediatrician

When you think of the ideal pediatrician for your child, what qualities come to mind? Do you want a pediatrician committed to building a long term relationship with you and your kids? Are you seeking a pediatrician who is kind and puts your child at ease? Is this doctor genuinely interested in supporting your family’s well-being? Would you value a pediatrician who takes the time to really listen and understand your concerns instead of just writing a prescription? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, you’re in luck – San Francisco pediatricians Drs. Julia Getzelman, Marcella Spera and Nicole Glynn at GetzWell Pediatrics satisfy all of these and more.

GetzWell Expands to Union Street!

We are so excited to announce GetzWell Pediatrics will be opening its second primary care pediatrics office on Union Street in Pacific Heights this fall!

The new space is located at 1800 Union Street in a beautiful art deco building at the corner of Octavia. Renovations will begin on July 1st and we aim to be up and running by October. I’ve included a link showing the building today: 1800 Union.