Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child – Really??

There is no one right way to be a “good” parent and regardless of how that looks across families on any given day, one thing is clear: good parents connect with their children.  Naturally, connection varies depending on the age and abilities of the child. With an infant, it could just mean cuddling. For a toddler, connection might be stomping around the house together pretending to be dinosaurs. When a child is a bit older, it might look like reading favorite stories together or talking about hard things that happened at school. Regardless, at all ages and stages connection blossoms

Ever Wonder If Your Toddler Has a Food Intolerance?

At GetzWell, we’ve seen astounding results with nutrition counseling and elimination diets. In this post I’ll explain how we were able to help a toddler named Oliver and his parents dramatically improve his health and their whole family’s well-being.

Should 12-15 Year Olds Be Vaccinated For COVID-19?

Yesterday the FDA approved the Pfizer mRNA vaccine for use in children 12 to 15 years old. The following serves as a brief response to the FDA’s approval and an update to our April 23 newsletter in which I answered questions submitted by parents: The Latest on Children, Teens, and COVID-19 Vaccines.

Are You Worried About the 12 Month Sleep Regression?

Is your 1-ish year old still not sleeping through the night? Join the (very popular) club! Sleep interruptions are very normal at this stage, for one simple reason: your baby isn’t such a baby anymore. They are changing, gaining new skills by the second, and quickly becoming a little person with a HUGE personality.

Gratitude in the Time of COVID – Dr. Getzelman’s Reflections on the Last Year

I feel more rooted now than ever, more resilient. It may come as a surprise to many of you that I suffered from anxiety much of my adult life, in spite of the fact that people have long seen me as calm, cool and collected. My journey to finding my peace has been gradual—actually, it spanned several decades. During this last year, as challenging (and at times frightening) as it’s been, I have discovered a greater sense of my own gravity and my feet are more planted than ever as a result of my gratitude practice. I am grateful for

2021: The Link Between Allergies and ADHD, There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Allergies typically call to mind common symptoms like runny noses, itchy rashes, red eyes, cough, wheezing, etc. However, it turns out allergies can manifest in a variety of ways and may profoundly impact a person’s behavior and ability to focus and learn. In other GetzWell articles we’ve shared how Dr. Getzelman is leveraging 23andMe genetic data to get at the root cause of her patients’ conditions, and how her discoveries often link ADHD symptoms to genetic predispositions and underlying allergic reactions. (see: Could Gluten be to Blame for Your Child’s Behavioral Issues?) In this post, we’ll bring to you yet

Top 5 New Parent Questions

Q:  My baby is 5 days old and is having diarrhea. A:  After the first few days of life when your baby passes meconium that is very dark and sticky, it’s normal for your newborn’s poop to begin to be very watery and seem like diarrhea. Breast fed infants, in particular, have stools that are loose and “seedy” and range in color from brown to mustard yellow to green. A typical newborn’s poop looks a lot like grainy mustard–think Grey Poupon country style! And, some new infants poop up to 10 times in 24 hours and this is 100% normal.