Are You Worried About the 12 Month Sleep Regression?

Is your 1-ish year old still not sleeping through the night? Join the (very popular) club! Sleep interruptions are very normal at this stage, for one simple reason: your baby isn’t such a baby anymore. They are changing, gaining new skills by the second, and quickly becoming a little person with a HUGE personality.

Gratitude in the Time of COVID – Dr. Getzelman’s Reflections on the Last Year

I feel more rooted now than ever, more resilient. It may come as a surprise to many of you that I suffered from anxiety much of my adult life, in spite of the fact that people have long seen me as calm, cool and collected. My journey to finding my peace has been gradual—actually, it spanned several decades. During this last year, as challenging (and at times frightening) as it’s been, I have discovered a greater sense of my own gravity and my feet are more planted than ever as a result of my gratitude practice. I am grateful for

2021: The Link Between Allergies and ADHD, There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Allergies typically call to mind common symptoms like runny noses, itchy rashes, red eyes, cough, wheezing, etc. However, it turns out allergies can manifest in a variety of ways and may profoundly impact a person’s behavior and ability to focus and learn. In other GetzWell articles we’ve shared how Dr. Getzelman is leveraging 23andMe genetic data to get at the root cause of her patients’ conditions, and how her discoveries often link ADHD symptoms to genetic predispositions and underlying allergic reactions. (see: Could Gluten be to Blame for Your Child’s Behavioral Issues?) In this post, we’ll bring to you yet

Top 5 New Parent Questions

Q:  My baby is 5 days old and is having diarrhea. A:  After the first few days of life when your baby passes meconium that is very dark and sticky, it’s normal for your newborn’s poop to begin to be very watery and seem like diarrhea. Breast fed infants, in particular, have stools that are loose and “seedy” and range in color from brown to mustard yellow to green. A typical newborn’s poop looks a lot like grainy mustard–think Grey Poupon country style! And, some new infants poop up to 10 times in 24 hours and this is 100% normal.

“Why Does My Newborn Look Like a Tiny Teenager?”

Believe it or not, acne, breast buds, and dandruff are normal in newborns! Read on for more information about these conditions: Peeling, dry skin is commonly seen during the first few weeks of life. After birth babies need to “shed” their first skin. It may appear baby has dry and peeling or cracking skin particularly around wrists and ankles. There’s no need to panic or moisturize. This is dead skin and just needs to slough off. Once it does, your baby will have skin that is soft and delightful. Milia or small white bumps can develop on the nose, cheeks,

When breastfeeding moms are sick, is it safe for them to continue to nurse their babies?

The good news is that even if you are a nursing mom who becomes sick, breast feeding is very safe AND beneficial for babies. With all viral illnesses, your baby will have been exposed to the virus by the time you notice symptoms. The best thing you can do in ordinary times (pre-COVID) is to continue to breast feed if you feel up to it. In fact, your breast milk contains illness-specific antibodies that offer protection to your baby. During COVID-living, things are a bit more complicated as we want to prevent the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to baby.

Meet GetzWell’s Founder, Dr. Julia Getzelman.

Dr. Getzelman was named among the Top Women in Medicine and was featured in the National Women in Medicine series by Thrive Global.
When I was in my thirties, after finishing my medical training and working as a “mainstream pediatrician” prior to founding GetzWell, I went on a medical-mission-type trip. I worked for a month in a hospital clinic in Antigua, Guatemala. Families with children in need of medical and surgical interventions — and even some adults who had lived their entire lives with facial deformities — traveled for many miles to the clinic, lining up for hours in order to get help. It was a tremendously moving and transformative experience.

“What we need is a food revolution, a total overhaul of our food system.”

This article appeared in a Women in Wellness series in Authority Magazine.
Over the dozen years since I established GetzWell Pediatrics in San Francisco, we have developed a highly successful and fundamentally different kind of medical approach, empowering parents with the information necessary to prevent disease — and even cure illness — largely by raising their awareness of food’s powerful impact on their children and its potential to both harm and to heal. But it really all started with a garden in the middle of Los Angeles in the 1960s.

February 2, 2021 Vol. 8: 2021 Update – COVID Vaccines Offer Impressive Efficacy and New Safety Recommendations

We are off to an impressive start to 2021. Not only do we have a highly competent new administration in the White House working to repair many aspects of our country, we also have at least two vaccines (e.g. Pfizer and Moderna) with 94% or better efficacy after two doses and their availability is rapidly ramping up. And, I expect that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will receive emergency use authorization this month.