The End of the Omicron Wave and Preparing for What’s Next

It may sound like a dream, but it’s possible that this “Omi-tsunami” wave, which has been surging in California and other parts of the US since early December 2021, will be the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the optimistic view, and notwithstanding pandemic fatigue driving our strong desire for COVID to be over, I believe it’s important not to pin our hopes on this being the final wave. Unfortunately, we have to reckon with the fact that this virus is wily and unpredictable, which means that future variants and mutations are still possible, and likely. But, before you sink into a

COVID Fortification Protocols by Age

Many have asked us to share what we at GetzWell have been doing to stay healthy and protected given the current threat of COVID-19. In addition to being vaccinated and boosted, eating a whole foods organic diet with an emphasis on fresh vegetables and some fruit, keeping stress levels as low as possible (through mindfulness and gratitude practice), moving/exercising every day for at least half an hour, getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night, washing hands, irrigating our noses*, wearing a well-fitting N95/KN95/KF94 mask in public, and staying connected to friends, family and community, here are the other immune

January 11, 2022 Vol. 12: The 5th Wave: Omicron!

This article includes: My perspective on Omicron. The reasons why now is the time to upgrade masks to N95s or the equivalent. Interim patient/staff safety protocols during this Omicron phase (please review specifics below if you expect to have an appointment in the next 3-4 weeks). We are doing rapid testing and swabbing for PCR send-outs and can typically accommodate kids and parents/nannies for curbside appointments. Omicron Update As epidemiologists predicted, we are now in a “tsunami” of Omicron cases. The 7-day average as of January 10 equaled 680,000 (or 0.2% of the US population) new cases every day! As a comparison, last winter

8 Powerful Ways Vaccines Protect You & Your Future Baby

Starting a family or having another little one is such an exciting time, but having a baby during all the confusion of COVID-19 can be stressful. And as breakthrough cases continue to rise and new variants pop up left and right, you may be unsure of the best way to keep yourself, your baby, and your family safe.  If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, Omicron (the latest variant) may be causing you some extra anxiety.  The good news is, after nearly 2 years of living through this pandemic, new scientific data are revealing how mothers can best protect

4 Essential Steps to Support Your Baby’s Brain Development…in the Womb!

We all want our children to have the best start in life. But how can you set your child up for success….right from the very beginning?


Supporting your baby’s healthy brain development starts while they’re still in the womb! Even though they haven’t entered the world yet, your baby is growing and developing in amazing ways.


That’s why it’s so important to foster a healthy environment for your little one during pregnancy.


So whether you hope your child will become an Olympic swimmer, CEO, or talented artist… Having a healthy pregnancy experience will actually support your baby’s brain development. It’s no guarantee to get them into Harvard…but it’s a start!

Nov. 21 2021 Vol. 11: Your Kid Has COVID: Now What?

It’s important to remember that having a healthy kid doesn’t mean they never get sick. Despite our best efforts, sometimes COVID (and other sickness) makes it through our various lines of defense. And, if it does break through, this doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. Even in our boutique practice, particularly since Delta became the dominant strain this past July, more than a handful of parents have transmitted COVID to their kids, there have been peer-to-peer school transmissions, and we’ve also seen children transmit the virus to adults. 

November 1, 2021 Vol. 10: A Nuanced Perspective – Whether Parents Should Vaccinate 5-11 Year Olds

On October 26th an independent advisory panel to the FDA, comprised of the country’s top scientists, epidemiologists, immunologists and physicians, voted 17 to zero to recommend a smaller dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. The FDA and CDC will undoubtedly accept and ratify the panel’s advice within days and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (aka Comirnaty) will soon be available to all but the youngest people in the United States. 

What To Feed My Kid: Advice and 3 Simple Recipes from Pediatrician Dr. Julia Getzelman

Did you see that thing about there being lead and arsenic in baby food pouches and packaged snacks? What about the one where there’s RoundUp (or glyphosate) on cereals and oatmeal? It takes long enough to get your kids strapped in their highchair, so you probably don’t have time to do tons of research on which brands and products are safe. Not sure about you, but that’s definitely not happening in my house. Don’t worry! That’s why we sat down with Dr. Julia Getzelman, MD, integrative pediatrician and founder of GetzWell Personalized Pediatrics in San Francisco, to get her advice on what to feed your kids. She gave us some of her best tips and even a couple of recipes, and we are going to share them with you.

Top Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter

Researchers recently discovered a medically significant silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic: a marked decrease in most respiratory illnesses in children. This dramatic drop was a rare bright spot during such a challenging time.