21st Century Pediatrics

Our pediatric care is customized for each child because there is no one size fits all. GetzWell provides ‘high value’ care which addresses root causes and promotes optimal health for a lifetime. This is in contrast to traditional pediatric practices that emphasize symptom suppression and unnecessary prescriptions. We prioritize wellness in every aspect of your child’s life and this demands that we do more than just treat symptoms.

At GetzWell we have a broad view of health and practice ‘slow medicine’ which takes into account best practices from traditional pediatrics as well as the latest nutrition and sleep science in addition to research in child behavior and emotional development. We want to get a complete picture of your child’s health to provide tailored, 21st century advice.

Parenting is challenging enough, but the 21st century has introduced new issues. Everything from GMO to environmental toxicity can impact your child’s well being. We want to guide and support you as a parent so that your child can grow up safe and healthy in an increasingly complex world.

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