Specialized & Individualized Pediatric Care

At GetzWell Pediatrics, Your Child’s Health and Well-Being is Our Number 1 Priority

There’s really nothing quite like being a parent and we know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to give your kids the very best life possible. Progressive pediatric care is a vital component of a healthy childhood.

San Francisco parents want a pediatric practice with board certified pediatricians who celebrate your child’s uniqueness and understand ALL of the factors that play into your child’s well being. You want 24/7 access to doctors who partner with you in raising a healthy, happy child.

Welcome to GetzWell Pediatrics, San Francisco’s premiere primary care pediatric practice, now with two convenient locations: Cow Hollow and Noe Valley. We serve families throughout the Bay Area and love seeing new patients.

Get to Know Us

GetzWell Pediatrics has been redefining the practice of primary care medicine for children since opening its doors in San Francisco in 2008. We are the doctors of choice for families seeking a more progressive approach to health care and provide an unprecedented level of accessibility and personalized attention. At GetzWell we categorically reject the usual ‘fast food’ approach to medical services, as it isn’t the best way to care for kids, or anyone.

Our mission is based on the conviction that parents and talented health care professionals, not insurance companies, should decide how kids are cared for. This is why we are out of network.

What We Offer Parents & Children

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We offer customized vaccination schedules. Whether you choose to immunize on a conventional or tailored schedule, GetzWell Pediatrics is prepared to meet all of your child’s vaccine needs. We support childhood vaccination. However, we acknowledge that immunizations are one of the first major health related decisions that parents make for their children and should be carefully considered. We respect families’ choices regarding vaccines and can provide in depth consultations upon request. Our board certified pediatricians can help to formulate an individualized vaccination approach based on your family’s unique risk profile, travel plans, and other relevant considerations. For an extra fee, GetzWell pediatricians will provide vaccine only consultations to non-members of the practice.
Transitioning to your role as new parent can be both exciting and daunting. In order to help your family ease into its new rhythms, GetzWell Pediatrics offers newborn house calls* within 2 – 3 days of your child’s birth. House calls allow our board certified pediatricians to spend unhurried time (usually 75 minutes) to complete a thorough history and exam, assist with breastfeeding, answer questions and begin the education process that is at the heart of our integrative medicine approach, all in the comfort of your home.

*House Calls are only available in San Francisco.

Whole kid care at GetzWell Pediatrics includes wellness visits at birth, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 21 months, 24 months, 30 months, 36 months and annually after age 3. Routine wellness exams allow us to monitor your child’s growth and development and to cultivate a partnership designed to optimize your child’s health within an integrative framework. Well child visits typically involve a thorough physical exam and history, updates to the family dynamic or social history, basic developmental screenings, immunizations, nutrition counseling, and plenty of time to discuss sleep, feeding and behavioral issues, constipation, eczema and other parental concerns.
At GetzWell Pediatrics we offer an innovative personalized approach to help families with the unique challenges faced by their adolescent. In partnership with parents and their teens, we address health challenges such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety/depression and mood problems, acne and other skin disorders, asthma, autoimmune illnesses, behavioral issues, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and gluten intolerance/celiac disease, all within a functional medicine framework. We also engage in a compassionate dialogue with adolescent patients regarding a variety of social, psychological, and adjustment challenges they may face. For an additional fee, GetzWell pediatricians will provide preteen and teen related consultations to non members of the practice.
GetzWell Pediatrics offers school, sport, and camp physicals, and we are happy to provide detailed guidance to your child’s school/program regarding physical and nutritional needs, vaccines, or other special considerations. If your child has had a comprehensive exam within the last year and does not require another physical, we request that you email, fax, mail or deliver the appropriate forms to our office for completion at least 14 days before the registration deadline. For an additional fee, GetzWell pediatricians will provide these physical exams to non members of the practice.

At GetzWell Pediatrics we believe in treating the whole person, not just symptoms in isolation, and this is the core of a functional approach to medical care. We take the time to listen to and understand our patients’ histories while acknowledging the complex interaction of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that influence long term health and often underlie chronic illness. This approach recognizes the uniqueness of each person and represents a new map for dealing with complex chronic illness and its prevention. We deliver individually tailored therapies designed to restore health and optimize wellness. The conditions we treat include (but are not limited to) ADD/ADHD, autoimmune disease, acne, diabetes, depression/anxiety and other mood disorders, eczema and other skin ailments, gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and celiac/gluten sensitivity. We also provide consultations related to improving immune function over all.

*Before your Chronic Illness consult at GetzWell, we request that you provide us with your child’s complete medical record, including labs, imaging, and consult notes from other physicians. We may also ask you to sign a release so that we can discuss your child’s case with previous or collaborating providers.

At GetzWell Pediatrics, all members receive a formal developmental screening at the 18 month routine check up. We also complete informal screenings at each of the well child visits in order to assure your child is developing normally. We are happy to provide formal screening at any other time upon request or if otherwise indicated and welcome screening only visits for non members. Some of the developmental assessment tools we use at GetzWell are Ages and Stages Questionnaire, M-CHAT, Child Behavior Checklist, Pediatric Symptom Checklist and Sensory Profile. When appropriate, we will coordinate care and make referrals to specialists for more in depth evaluations.
Whether your child has special nutritional needs, like Celiac disease, diabetes, obesity, or food sensitivities, or you simply desire to improve your family’s eating habits, GetzWell Pediatrics can help you. We can teach you about reading food labels, developing appropriate shopping lists and meal plans, finding kid friendly recipes, and guide you with successful elimination diets and more.
GetzWell Pediatrics is committed to helping new mothers breastfeed successfully. Our physicians and our pediatric nurse practitioner and lactation educator are available to address your breastfeeding questions or challenges. Whether you have an issue with cracked or inverted nipples, thrush, latch problems, blocked milk ducts, mastitis or insufficient milk production, GetzWell Pediatrics can help!
At GetzWell Pediatrics, we believe whole kid care begins before birth. Research is beginning to point to the myriad ways a pregnant woman’s diet influences her child’s health, possibly even for life. We are experienced in helping women achieve the highest level of health and well being during pregnancy and beyond. We are available to educate, guide, and motivate pregnant women and help make a significant contribution to your child’s health and neurological development. 
Sharon Epel, an experienced licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and mother of two, offers house calls for new parents. Sharon provides education, support, and counseling in the comfort of your home to help with the emotional and physical demands of caring for a new baby. Sessions can address bonding, adjustment, anxiety, and help identify postpartum depression. Home visits may aid in increasing parents’ confidence and joy in their new roles and smooth the transition to becoming a family.

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Get to Know Dr. Julia Getzelman

contact_5Julia Getzelman, M.D. founded GetzWell Pediatrics in 2008 based on the belief that an integrative approach to pediatric care which combines the best of conventional and complementary medicine is the wisest approach to health optimization and the treatment of illness in kids.

Dr. Getzelman graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Stanford University with Distinction and Phi Beta Kappa. She later earned her medical degree from Yale University and completed her residency at Children’s Hospital Oakland. Thereafter, she was an attending physician in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and pediatric clinic at Highland, Oakland’s county hospital and also worked at After Hour Pediatrics in San Mateo. In the 5 years before founding GetzWell, she practiced at Saint Luke’s Health Care Center in San Francisco’s Mission District where she provided whole kid care to over 1200 patients. She is board certified in pediatrics and is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Dr. Getzelman embraces the many components that contribute to health and illness: nutrition, physical activity, emotional/psychological stresses, and the environment, among others. She has a special interest in how nutrition and intestinal health contribute to overall wellness. To that end, she has completed the core curriculum of the Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Getzelman has additional training in homeopathy and applied nutritional biochemistry/food as medicine.

Dr. Getzelman grew up in California and was the oldest of five children. She loves the outdoors and is fascinated by nature. She comes from a musical family, has sung in a variety of venues over the years, and recently recorded Asturiana, a compilation of soothing classics and lullabies. She has a passion for romance languages and is fluent in Spanish and Italian. Dr. Getzelman lives in San Francisco with her husband and stepson.

If you’re ready to take the next step in pediatric care, schedule a meet and greet today by calling (415) 969-6670 or by filling out the contact form. We look forward to meeting you and your child!