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Check out GetzWell’s very first video blog on how you can positively influence your child’s nutrition.

We all know that vitamins and minerals contribute importantly to our overall health. However, according to Mark Hyman, M.D. who is the author of The UltraMind Solution and several other NY Times best sellers, more than 92% of American’s are deficient in one or more vitamins (based on 2012 NHANES data). Obviously we’re not getting

We are all are teeming with natural gut bacteria (a.k.a. gut flora) that have myriad functions including facilitating digestion and safeguarding against harmful diseases and allergies. In fact, nearly 75-80% of immune function originates in the gastrointestinal tract. In this post we’ll give you the inside scoop on the inner workings of good gut health

For decades, children have been the prime target market for big food corporations. In this recent interview clip, Michael Moss, author of Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, tells the history of Oscar Mayer’s Lunchables, the on-the-go snack of processed meats, cheeses and crackers the company marketed to kids of working moms

As we nestle into winter, it’s important to keep safe and healthy during cold and flu season. Along with eating a whole foods diet and staying active, you should also make supplementing with Vitamin D a priority. What’s the big deal about Vitamin D? We asked this very same question in a previous post, and

Prop. 37, California’s Right to Know initiative, put us at the center of the movement to demand mandatory labeling on Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). Despite the proposition’s narrow loss in the recent election, the fact that nearly 47% of Californians voted YES is significant progress. The outcome is our mandate to continue to educate our

Children form associations with food very early in life. You can help your kids develop positive eating preferences by teaching them to experience and relate to food in mindful ways. What is “Mindful Eating”? In a nutshell, to eat mindfully is to build a positive relationship with food that allows for better control of eating

Throughout 2011 we gave you the whys and hows of maintaining healthy eating habits for you and your baby. With the holidays fast approaching and a brand new year just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to get your household on a healthy track. Eat healthy this during the holidays

Last month we alerted you to the health hazards associated with conventionally farmed meat. In this post we’ll continue the conversation with a closer look at the role of genetic modification in farming methods and the potential health risks these practices have on your child’s health. How does genetic engineering impact our food? To put

More and more people are ‘going organic’ these days as studies continue to shed light on the benefits of organically grown produce and meats. We’ve previously touched on this topic with respect to exposing your baby to fresh fruits and vegetables from the get-go. But, when it comes to incorporating meat into your child’s diet,