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What is the secret to a healthy life from start to finish? Is it eating right and plenty of outdoor play? Regular checkups to catch issues early? Lots of sleep and love? Minimal stress? The truth is, all of these factors and more play a role in ensuring optimal health throughout your child’s lifetime. San

There are few things in life that bring more joy than the birth of your child. Despite this euphoria, a newborn introduces such significant changes to parents’ lives that having the proper supports in place is crucial to a successful transition to parenthood. Having the right pediatrician can make all the difference. With so many

In the last hundred years the world has seen some amazing advances that have forever changed the way we live. The internet, robotics, and artificial intelligence have left the realm of science fiction and entered into our everyday lives all because a few people didn’t settle for the way things had always been done. Given

In our last post, we introduced you to the wonders of Slow Medicine and how it relates to the mindful and personalized care we deliver at GetzWell. In this second installment, we’d like to expand the conversation by highlighting a point of view espoused by GetzWell and other Slow Medicine practitioners. The Body as a

From day one, GetzWell’s mission has been to bring mindfulness back to medical care. Our approach is very much aligned with the ‘Slow Medicine’ movement which, like the Slow Food movement, is gaining momentum in the US. In a multi-part series, we’ll offer you an overview of GetzWell’s slow and steady methodology and why we believe it’s a vast improvement over

Everybody is unique. When it comes to your baby’s health, it’s important to get the kind of care that addresses their individual needs. At GetzWell we take an innovative approach to health care that combines the best of traditional western medicine with what is called Functional Medicine. This approach focuses on the whole child, not

Since its inception, San Francisco’s GetzWell Pediatrics has sought to redefine the field of pediatric medicine by providing customized health care for children and families. Some wonder why GetzWell is structured as a ‘fee-for-service’ or ‘direct pay’ practice rather than one that contracts with insurance companies. The reason is that GetzWell’s 21st century integrative approach

At GetzWell Pediatrics, all members receive a formal developmental screening at the 18 month routine check up. We also complete informal screenings at each of the well child visits in order to assure your child is developing normally. We are happy to provide formal screening at any other time upon request or if otherwise indicated

In most cases, GetzWell Pediatrics can accommodate same day appointments for urgent and sick visits. Should your child need assistance after hours or on the weekend, your Open Access membership gives you direct telephone access to one of our professionals. For an extra fee, non members may be accommodated for acute visits based on appointment

At GetzWell Pediatrics we offer an innovative personalized approach to help families with the unique challenges faced by their adolescent. By having more time during our preteen and teen exams, we really get to know you and your child and help  steer you in a positive direction. A Different Approach for a Challenging Time Engaging